The WI2000 Weld Inspection System

Weld & Profile Geometry Inspections for Tube & Pipe


The WI2000 post weld inspection system is a laser based 3D inspection system created for the tube and pipe industry to detect quality issues related to the forming and welding processes on smaller diameter tube or pipe mills.

Several models of the WI2000 are available depending on the Field of View (FOV) requirements, type of Mill and size of the Tube/Pipe being run during the welding process.  Suitable for tube / pipe with Outside Diameters of 5-200 mm (0.2-8″) with a maximum Weld Bead Width of about 10 mm (0.4″).

The standard WI2000 system is composed of an Image Acquisition Assembly (including Sensor Head, Sensor Cooling, Sensor Mount/Adjust assembly), an Image Processing/Display console (HMI Console with touchscreen monitor, Industrialized PC with Air Cooling), status light tower and interface control module.

Key Benefits of the WI2000

Reduced Set Up Time

Set up production equipment faster through immediate measurement feedback of process inputs.

Reduced Lab Time

Reduce the number of line qualifications that are required, and related micrographs to be taken of new production runs.

Reduced Mill Downtime

Reduce the time required to correct and out-of-control process; Find defects earlier on the production line with better defect detection.

Reduce Customer Returns

Improve overall Customer Satisfaction with better defect detection, ability to record defect and review offline. Detect defects other NDT equipment cannot detect.

Weld Monitoring for Quality and Process Control

See sample videos of real-world tube defects.

Video Library

Monitor These Defects for Process Control



Bead Height


Freeze Line


Slope Angle

Bead Ratio