Xiris Weld Monitoring Cameras

Xiris Weld Cameras provide the clearest views of the brightest features of a weld arc while still being able to see the surrounding darker background areas such as the weld pool and weld seam and are suitable for a wide range of applications.

XVC-1000 weld camera side view


A fully digital weld camera intended for monitoring all open arc welding processes for OEMs, Advanced End Users or Lab Environments, featuring:

  • High Dynamic Range (HDR) Images in Monochrome (XVC-1000) or Color (XVC-1100)
  • Remote Monitoring from up to 100 Metres
  • C/CS Mount for custom optics
  • Up to 55 fps @ 1280 x 1024


A next-generation weld camera specifically designed for integration with welding automation in spaces too small for traditional weld cameras, featuring:

  • High Dynamic Range (HDR) Images in Monochrome (XVC-700) or Color (XVC-710)
  • Slimline, lightweight form factor
  • Broad array of compact S Mount optics and accessories
  • Configurable with off-axis optics for simplified installations
Weld Camera Xiris XVC-1000e


A ruggedized weld camera for production and harsh environments that can be provided as a standalone camera, or packaged as a complete system with accessories. Same base features as XVC-1000/1100 but with:

  • High Dynamic Range (HDR) in Monochrome (XVC-1000e) or Color (XVC-1100e)
  • IP65 rated air- or water-cooled housing
  • Integrated LED lighting and optics with motorized fine focus
  • Replaceable front window for spatter/smoke protection


Out of the box and affordable, the XVC-S is the ideal weld camera monitoring solution for submerged arc welding.

  • High Sensitivity Color Camera in a rugged, air cooled housing
  • Adjustable field of view
  • Cross Hair Generator
  • Integrated LED Light Sources
  • Rugged Monitor Enclosure
Xiris Weld Studio

Imaging Software: WeldStudio™ and WeldSDK

WeldStudio™ is Xiris’ world-leading weld imaging software utility. Included with every camera, WeldStudio™ is loaded with powerful features including the ability to display, record and playback welding processes and perform image processing with up to 4 cameras at a time.

The WeldSDK™ (software development kit) allows advanced Users and OEMs to create custom image processing & display applications for integration into welding machines.


A robust welding microphone specifically designed for integration with Xiris weld cameras, allowing operators to remotely hear, record and playback welding sound to further enabling process optimisation.

Incorporating directional pickup, noise reduction electronics and 10 Band EQ, WeldMIC™ provides clear audio transmission that is integrated with the welding video.

Xiris Seam Monitor


The SeamMonitor™ system measures the alignment of the weld seam relative to the torch tip, the width of the weld seam and the torch tip condition. The system includes a Xiris open arc weld camera system, industrial HMI controller, and SeamMonitor™ software.

  • Measures seam width and alignment movement history for process monitoring
  • Automatically alerts the operator when out-of-tolerance weld conditions occur
  • Integrates with all Xiris High Dynamic Range (HDR) cameras in monochrome or color
  • Configurable optics that can be adjusted to suit most common welding environments
  • Integrates with other automation hardware and process monitoring systems

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