XVC-1000e / 1100e

Weld Camera Xiris XVC-1000e

A ruggedized industrial HDR Weld Camera suitable for most production welding environments.

Unprecedented image quality for a variety of welding and laser processes.

The XVC-1000e is designed to meet the needs of end users or systems integrators who are looking for fast, easy integration of a weld camera to their welding process. Featuring the XVC-1000 camera in a robust, industrialized housing, the XVC-1000e comes complete with integrated light sources, motorized focus, air or water cooling and a protective spatter window.

The XVC-1000e is monochrome, the XVC-1100e is color.

Built for Harsh Environments

Incorporating a robust IP65 industrial housing with integrated LED lighting, motorized focus, built in optics, air/liquid cooling and protective windows, the XVC-1000e allows for remote imaging of most harsh welding conditions.

Easy to Set-Up, Install and Use

Includes all the components needed to set up the camera quickly and get working, right out of the box. Up to 4 cameras can be connected to a single computer with their display on a single monitor.

Extra Integrated Lighting

Each camera includes 3 high intensity LEDs to help illuminate darker work environments when no welding is present, and to provide enhanced detail when welding is on.

Size: 51W x 51H x 179L mm (2.0 x 2.0 x 7.0″)
Weight: 0.6 kg / 21 oz
Camera Resolution: 1280×1024 pixels
Dynamic Range: 140+dB, Color or Mono
Compliance: CE, FCC-B, RoHS

Xiris industrial HMI
Fanless PC
Camera cables up to 100m
Camera Power and I/O cables up to 30m
Power adapters
High temperature cooling kits

The camera works with Xiris SeamMonitor™, XVC-1X00e System or WeldStudio™ software suite running on Microsoft Windows 7/10. These include the Xiris camera GigE interface(s), camera controls and enhanced imaging software tools to provide unprecedented image quality and process information of a variety of welding and laser processes. Also included is a full video recording and playback utility.

Using the WeldSDK™ these software components can be customized and fully integrated into your welding automation system.

Software Upgrades
Xiris releases a major new release of software on average once a year. Minor upgrades occur more frequently. Our technicians may upgrade client systems while on site at a client’s request.

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Contact Support – Monday – Friday: 0830 – 1730 Eastern Standard Time
Phone: +1.905.331.6660
Fax: +1.905.331.6661
Email: support@xiris.com

Our partners also provides support and service to our clients at many locations around the world.

Service & Training
Xiris provides its customer base with various levels of service, including new system installation and training, system upgrades and preventative maintenance programs. Many of our partners are trained to offer additional support on our systems.

System Upgrades
Many of our older systems in the field have been upgraded to allow the use of new hardware and software features including improved system reliability, system security, production reporting and updated operating systems. Do you have an older Xiris vision system? Please call your Xiris account manager to receive more information regarding the immediate benefits of a system upgrade.

Preventative Maintenance Visits
Many of our clients request a Preventative Maintenance visit in conjunction with a new system delivery or as a separate service. Our technicians will optimize the performance of the system, upgrade software as applicable, look for potential part failures and conduct training as desired by the client during the visit.

All Xiris systems are shipped with a 15-month warranty from the day of shipment from Xiris or a 12-month warranty which commences from the first day of use (whichever comes first). Please have your Xiris system serial number available when you call so we can determine your system warranty status as well as your support plan level.

Once your Warranty expires, your Xiris Account Manager will contact you to discuss your long term support needs. Xiris offers different levels of support plan.

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