Solutions for Quality Control


The XVC-1000 and 1000e Cameras provide clear views of the brightest features of a weld arc while still being able to see the surrounding darker background areas such as the weld pool and weld seam. Both are suitable for a wide range of Open Arc applications, including GMAW (MIG/MAG), GTAW (TIG), Plasma, Laser and Stick welding. The XVC-1100 and XVC-1100e models deliver the same functionality, quality and reliability along with high dynamic range (HDR) COLOR imaging. See All


The XVC-S Camera can be used as a set-up tool to position the welding torch prior to welding or provide a means to adjust the welding position or welding parameters while the sub arc weld process is underway. See All

WI3000 System

The process of welding tube and pipe  requires several variables to be in check for efficient and stable production. Measuring and monitoring these variables is the first step in controlling them, improving weld quality and reducing scrap. See All