Xiris Seam Monitor

Weld Seam Tracking and

Torch Monitoring System

for TIG Welding Applications

Enable personnel to monitor the weld torch position and condition during set-up and in production.

The SeamMonitor™ System is a complete inspection system and includes a Xiris open arc weld camera, industrial HMI controller, preloaded with SeamMonitor™ software, and various options to suit your application.

Cutting Edge Technology

The combination of the latest electronic technology and leading software make it possible to get excellent images of the weld arc & immediate environment as well as perform seam and torch TIP or laser melt pool alignment in real time using one camera.


Set multiple warning & alarm limits and integrate with other automation via an OPC interface, analog interface module or discrete digital I/O signals. All parameters and images can be recorded and stored for process monitoring and quality assurance.

Automate Measurement

Automatically measure & track various parameters of the weld process including torch tip / weld seam alignment, weld seam width & torch tip condition. Track seam width & position movement history for process monitoring and adjustments.

Seeing is believing

SeamMonitor enables operators to obtain seam alignment and other simple weld inspections as well as having a clear image of the weld arc and its immediate environment to allow for weld process monitoring and ongoing adjustments to the weld process.

Watch this video to see how operators can use these types of views to prevent misalignment and other welding related errors during welding.

A Complete System for Weld Seam Tracking & Torch Monitoring

System Specifications
Includes a Xiris open arc weld camera system, industrial HMI controller, preloaded with SeamMonitor™ software, and various options to suit your application.
HMI Console: 15” Display, Touch Screen 0-45°C (non-condensing)
Dimensions 484mm( W) x 212mm (D) x 340mm (H)
Operating System: Windows 10 (64 Bit)
Other Ports: USB, VGA, Ethernet
Hard Disk Storage: Up to 100 hours of video

Camera Specifications
XVC Camera Resolution: 1280 (H) x 1024 (V) pixels, up to 55 fps
Dynamic Range: +140db, Mono-chrome or color
Weight: (Camera only) 135-600g Camera

Light Tower/ Buzzer
OPC Interface
Analog Interface Module

SeamMonitor™ software enable operators to set multiple warning and alarm limits that can integrate with other automation and notification devices via an OPC interface analog interface module or discrete digital
I/O. All parameters and images can be recorded and stored for process monitoring and quality assurance.

Software Upgrades
Xiris releases a major new release of software on average once a year. Minor upgrades occur more frequently. Our technicians may upgrade client systems while on site at a client’s request.

SeamMonitor Data Sheet

Contact Support – Monday – Friday: 0830 – 1730 Eastern Standard Time
Phone: +1.905.331.6660
Fax: +1.905.331.6661

Our partners also provides support and service to our clients at many locations around the world.

Service & Training
Xiris provides its customer base with various levels of service, including new system installation and training, system upgrades and preventative maintenance programs. Many of our partners are trained to offer additional support on our systems.

System Upgrades
Many of our older systems in the field have been upgraded to allow the use of new hardware and software features including improved system reliability, system security, production reporting and updated operating systems. Do you have an older Xiris vision system? Please call your Xiris account manager to receive more information regarding the immediate benefits of a system upgrade.

Preventative Maintenance Visits
Many of our clients request a Preventative Maintenance visit in conjunction with a new system delivery or as a separate service. Our technicians will optimize the performance of the system, upgrade software as applicable, look for potential part failures and conduct training as desired by the client during the visit.

All Xiris systems are shipped with a 15-month warranty from the day of shipment from Xiris or a 12-month warranty which commences from the first day of use (whichever comes first). Please have your Xiris system serial number available when you call so we can determine your system warranty status as well as your support plan level.

Once your Warranty expires, your Xiris Account Manager will contact you to discuss your long term support needs. Xiris offers different levels of support plan.

Let us show you the difference of the SeamMonitor™ System

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