Microphone for Integration with a Xiris Weld Camera

WeldMic™ allows welding operators to clearly hear, record and playback welding sound.

Unlike most commercial microphones, WeldMic™ is built to survive in harsh welding environments. Featuring a rugged body, robust cables and specialized internal electronics, WeldMic™ gives fabricators another sensory input – sound – to help them remotely monitor and fine-tune the welding process.

Using Xiris weld camera software, users can set up, record and EQ audio and synchronize it with welding images. Multiple welding stations can be monitored simultaneously, as the audio signal is plotted in a rolling window making it less reliant on real-time observation.

Robust Design

With a stainless-steel body and specialized pre-amplification electronics, WeldMic™ is robust enough to last in the welding environment while mounted near the camera or close to the welding process. A replaceable acoustic sleeve is also supplied to protect the microphone from any excessive weld spatter or fumes.

Made for Welding

WeldMic™ is designed to capture welding sounds in a noisy manufacturing environment. Using a directional cardioid pick up pattern with noise reduction features, WeldMic™ is records sound clearly and reliably while eliminating unwanted background noise and interference.

Advanced Equalizer

A 10 band Equalizer (EQ) allows users to control the microphone and analyze live welding sounds. It can be used on both the live and recorded audio to enhance or minimize key sounds. A waveform display helps to visualize and alert users to any abnormal process conditions even if not listening live.

Designed for Easy Integration

For existing Xiris weld camera systems or where a Xiris weld camera is connected to a 3rd party PC, the stand-alone WeldMic™ kit with a separate Xiris Audio processing module can be easily added and connected via a short USB cable. The Integrated option is for new Xiris camera systems using the Xiris HMI/Controller minimizes additional cables and footprint.

A single industrial audio cable connects the WeldMic™ to the Xiris audio card installed in the Xiris HMI (integrated with the Xiris camera system), minimizing the need for additional cables or interfaces. Includes a standard 3.5mm audio jack on the front panel of the HMI for audio out to connect to earphones or an external speaker, for listening live or reviewing playback sounds.

System Specifications
Dimensions: 18(D) x 80(L) mm (0.7 x 3.2″)
Weight (Approx.): 95g
Frequency Response: 50Hz – 20kHz
Temperature Operating: 0° – 70° C
Dynamic Range: + 120 dB Sound Pressure Level
Humidity Operating: 20 – 90% (non condensing)
Power Consumption: Maximum 2 W via Xiris Audio Interface
Audio Out: 3.5mm TRS Audio Jack (for Earphones or External Speaker)
Compliance: CE, FCC-B, RoHS

Microphone Mounting Clamp / Flex arm (optional)
Microphone Cable and Connectors 10, 20, 30, 40, 50m cables with M12 connectors

WeldMic™ is fully compatible with the latest Xiris WeldStudio™ or XVC-1000e System software that includes the audio processing module, a 10 band Equalizer (EQ), microphone controls and visual audio waveform displays.

Audio Controls 10 band frequency EQ, Gain & Volume control, Mute, Recording, and Playback
Data Audio is encoded with video and recorded as an .AVI fi le (48kHz – 16 bit)

Software Upgrades
Xiris releases a major new release of software on average once a year. Minor upgrades occur more frequently. Our technicians may upgrade client systems while on site at a client’s request.

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Contact Support – Monday – Friday: 0830 – 1730 Eastern Standard Time
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Email: support@xiris.com

Our partners also provides support and service to our clients at many locations around the world.

Service & Training
Xiris provides its customer base with various levels of service, including new system installation and training, system upgrades and preventative maintenance programs. Many of our partners are trained to offer additional support on our systems.

System Upgrades
Many of our older systems in the field have been upgraded to allow the use of new hardware and software features including improved system reliability, system security, production reporting and updated operating systems. Do you have an older Xiris vision system? Please call your Xiris account manager to receive more information regarding the immediate benefits of a system upgrade.

Preventative Maintenance Visits
Many of our clients request a Preventative Maintenance visit in conjunction with a new system delivery or as a separate service. Our technicians will optimize the performance of the system, upgrade software as applicable, look for potential part failures and conduct training as desired by the client during the visit.

All Xiris systems are shipped with a 15-month warranty from the day of shipment from Xiris or a 12-month warranty which commences from the first day of use (whichever comes first). Please have your Xiris system serial number available when you call so we can determine your system warranty status as well as your support plan level.

Once your Warranty expires, your Xiris Account Manager will contact you to discuss your long term support needs. Xiris offers different levels of support plan.

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