Weld Cameras in the Classroom

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Overcome the technical limitations in traditional Weld Education

Using a Weld Camera in the welding classroom is an important productivity tool that improves the quality of the teaching process, makes the learning experience more rewarding for the students, and bolsters the reputation and prestige of the welding program.



A new, high-tech learning experience provides students with the ability to continuously view and learn from recorded demonstrations. The clear view of all features of the welding process alleviates the stress of missing key points during lessons. Students can be provided with additional material to review to develop a better understanding of weld instruction.

Welder teaching overhead welding in workshop


A Weld Camera will eliminate the worry about classroom space and students’ proximity to weld demonstrations while creating an ongoing source of video material for multiple reviews and classroom discussions. Instructors can easily evaluate and track a student’s progress knowing that all of their students equally experienced new or subtle welding techniques.



A Weld Camera allows coordinators to effectively test new weld processes and techniques, while reducing material consumption. Differentiating from schools without cameras in the classroom enhances prestige and opens up opportunity for curriculum development. Schools can attract more students and move them through existing facilities, faster.

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