The XVC-S Weld Camera

Rugged & Robust Camera Solution for Submerged Arc Welding


The XVC-S Weld Camera provides a real-time view of the weld during the submerged arc welding process. Housed in a rugged enclosure designed to withstand the weld environment, the XVC-S can act as a set-up tool to position the welding torch prior to welding or provide a means to adjust the welding position or welding parameters while the sub arc weld process is underway.

Out of the box and affordable, the XVC-S is able to reduce some of the pressures welding fabricators face today, providing a weld monitoring tool for submerged arc welding that allows manufacturers to be more productive and better meet the quality demands of the market.

Integration Made Easy


Small form factor, rugged housing, air cooling, flexible mounting options, and a wide offering of components for customization.

Work in Dark and Difficult Areas From a Distance

View defects as they occur and make quick adjustments to the live process; no longer do you have to wait for post-weld inspection.

Improve Set-up and Alignment Accuracy

One operator can view multiple processes on a single monitor, taking place in separate locations, via remote viewing.

Make Health and Safety Your Priority

Eliminate welder exposure to dangerous levels of light, fumes, and heat;  keep your welders on the ground and off of dangerous lifts and ladders.

XVC-S System

Benefits of the XVC-S

Turn-key Solution

System comes with everything needed to start monitoring Sub Arc welding, right out of the box.

Make Real-time Adjustments

Adjust material inputs as the welding process is underway.

Reduced Downtime

Alert operators to Sub Arc maintenance needs such as insufficient flux, torch to seam alignment, weld tip damage.  Shut down only when needed.