The XVC-S OEM Weld Camera

Rugged & Robust Camera for OEM Applications


The XVC-S OEM camera system is a ruggedized, low-light sensitive camera system that can be used to set up or monitor Submerged Arc welding processes prior to, or during the welding process.


Designed to meet the needs of OEMs and machine builders, the XVC-S OEM is a simplified version of the XVC-S to allow OEMs to integrate it directly into their equipment or process.

It is best suited to those OEMs who are looking for fast, easy integration of a weld camera to their Submerged Arc welding processes to provide their customers with the ability to remotely view their welding processes


The XVC-S OEM system includes a ruggedized camera with integrated solid state lighting, cable and cross hair generator with a video out connector to feed video to an OEM supplied monitor.

Monitor Inaccessible Areas


Weld Cameras can be placed into small enclosures where a welder cannot go, providing a new level of process control.

Enhance Safety


A new standard of safety for column & boom and gantry welding: keep your welders on the ground and off of dangerous lifts and ladders.

Increase Worker Productivity

Eliminate the need for cumbersome PPE, keep your welders comfortable, reducing stress and reduce.

Cut Down on Rework


Put a stop to blow-outs, seam misalignment, wire feed problems, and more.

Better Images, Better Decisions, Better Process Control

See our recorded videos of different weld processes.

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Benefits of the XVC-S OEM

Easy Integration into New Designs

Camera Systems are available by component, easily integrate only what is needed.

Build Safer Equipment

Remove workers from dangerous fumes and restricted welding environments and reduce workplace injuries by incorporating a camera to monitor welding remotely.

Deliver Higher Weld Quality

Provide equipment with more consistent and higher quality welds when the operators can focus on the weld versus being worried about safety.

Make Health & Safety a Priority

Reduce Operator’s UV exposure and eye strain while providing greater detail of features with magnified images.

Eliminate the Guesswork

Improve workers decision making by providing a clear view of the work area with crosshair targets.

Appeal to New Staff

Enable your customers to attract new welding talent by offering welding equipment that incorporates new technology to help create a safe work environment.