The XVC-1000e Weld Camera

Our Ruggedized Weld Camera

XVC-1000e System

This XVC-1000e camera is a ruggedized camera that can be provided as a standalone camera, or packaged as a complete system with accessories such as a fanless PC, display monitor, cables of various lengths, and power adapters on a custom basis. The XVC-1100e provides the same sturdy functionality with the added benefit of HDR color imaging.

Each camera is supplied with the Xiris WeldStudio TM software utility that provides the user with a variety of powerful features for camera control, image processing and display, graphical overlays, and video recording and playback.

Benefits of the XVC-1000e

Survives Harsh Environments

Incorporating the XVC-1000 camera in a robust IP65 industrial housing with integrated LED lighting, motorized focus, built in optics, air/liquid cooling and protective windows, the XVC-1000e allows for remote imaging of most harsh welding conditions.

Easy to Interface

The camera can easily interface with any PC via Gigabit Ethernet, providing many flexible options. Up to 4 cameras can be connected to a single computer with their display  on a single monitor.

Easy to Set Up and Install

Includes all the components needed to set up the camera quickly and get working, right out of the box! Ideal for users who need to implement a camera solution quickly that is robust enough for most environments.

Extra Integrated Lighting

Each camera includes 3 High Intensity LEDs to help illuminate darker work environments when no welding is present, and to provide enhanced detail when welding is on.

High Dynamic Range

High contrast, clear pictures of the weld tip, weld pool and background material for quick and accurate process monitoring.

Full Range of Optical Configurations

Predefined optical configurations provide a solution for a range of different sized welding processes, from large tank manufacturing to small precision assembly.

Improve Workpiece Set-up and Alignment

Use built in, customizable graphical overlay tools such as crosshairs to perfectly align the weld torch and weld seam before and during welding.

High Temperature Capacity

Optional Cooling configurations using liquid or air cooling make the camera suitable for high heat applications such as internal pipe cladding up to 300°C/550°F.

Better Images, Better Decisions, Better Process Control

See our recorded videos of different welds.

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Your Options

The XVC-1000e can be supplied as a camera only, or supplied as a system including a PC, power supply and monitor. In addition, there is a special configuration for Educators for use of the XVC-1000e in a classroom setting.