The XVC-1000 Weld Camera

HDR Weld Camera for OEMs, advanced End Users or Lab environments.

XVC-1000 Weld Camera

The Xiris XVC-1000 Weld Camera combines a spectacular 140+ dB High Dynamic Range capability with Power-Over-Ethernet, a full suite of welding specific imaging software tools, and a host of unique features to provide unprecedented image quality of a variety of welding and laser processes. The XVC-1100 delivers all of the same functionality with the added benefit of HDR color imaging.

Each camera is supplied with the Xiris WeldStudio TM software utility that provides the user with a variety of powerful features for camera control, image processing and display, graphical overlays, and video recording and playback.


The XVC-1000 is ideal for OEMs because of its size, easy integration, high efficiency camera and is operational over a GigE interface.

High Dynamic Range Imaging

Operators will enjoy the benefits of a high contrast, clear monochrome or colored picture of the weld tip, weld pool and background material for quick and accurate process monitoring.

Remote Monitoring from up to 100 Meters

Take your operators out of harmful, dangerous and uncomfortable work environments.

Reduced Setup Times


Better images provide more information to set up and adjust welding parameters quicker, reducing set up times.

Easy Integration Into New or Existing Processes

Standardized C/CS mount allows for the use of off-the-shelf optics, or standard mounting to laser cutting/welding process heads.

Better Images, Better Decisions, Better Process Control

See our recorded videos of different weld processes

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Benefits of the XVC-1000

Better Monitoring of Your Weld Process

With a high resolution of 1280×1024 at 55 fps, observe details such as tip degradation, seam misalignment, seam gap size, porosity, undercut, wire feed, gas interruptions and other defects.

Reduce Scrap and Rework

View defects as they occur and make quick adjustments to the live process; no longer do you have to wait for post-weld inspection.

Reduce Man Hours

One operator can remotely view camera video from multiple, separate processes on a single monitor to increase efficiency.

Reduced Downtime of Automated Processes

Alert operators to maintenance needs such as a dirty weld tip, lack of shield gas, porosity or seam alignment; shut down only when needed.

Powerful Software to Customize Images

Each camera includes a copy of the WeldStudio™ software for camera control, image processing and weld-specific measurements.

Record Images for Offline Review

Record high quality, time-stamped video files from each camera for easy storage and offline playback.