Print Inspection System


In today’s optical disc manufacturing industry, virtually every disc that is sold to the consumer requires a label that is printed using a screen, offset or pad printing process. Your customers and the consumer demand picture perfect print quality on every disc.

Xiris offers two different Printed Graphics Inspection systems to meet your requirements and budget: the PI-1600 for basic inspection and the PI-2000 for the highest level of inspection. Both systems will make sure that each of your products is perfect when shipped to your customer by determining if any labels printed during run time contain defects such as pinholes, insufficient/excessive ink, scratches, dust or color drifts. Both systems include a camera module with integrated lighting, and a processing unit. The camera module is designed to allow for easy integration into most major screen, offset and pad printing machines.

The PI-2000 has more advanced features than the PI-1600, enabling it to detect even the slightest print or surface quality imperfections.

Identcode System


The Xiris ID3500 Ident Code Reading System is used by optical disc manufacturers and replicators worldwide to read and verify that the right disc is in the right place during the production process. The ID-3500 reads and verifies the bar code or alphanumeric code in the hub area on the back of each optical disc, verifying the disc content prior to printing or packaging. By verifying that each disc is correct during replication, printing and packaging, replicators can be assured that every disc shipped to their customers is the correct disc!

Each ID-3500 Ident Code Verification System includes up to four camera modules and a panel-mounted or rack-mounted PC with a separate monitor, keyboard and mouse. The camera module is designed for easy integration into all standard CD/DVD packaging and printing machines. It can be either bottom-mounted with a centering pin, or top-mounted to verify the disc’s code from the label side.

Find the wrong disc before your customers do with the ID-3500!

Read Side System


Not even the greatest care in handling and printing optical discs can completely eliminate surface defects that appear on the bottom side of a disc after replication. Any defects visible to the human eye can quickly erode confidence in a manufacturer’s products by customers and the consumer alike.

The Xiris RS-1600 Read Side Inspection System provides quality inspection of the read side of an optical disc to detect basic defects in the play area of the disc such as scratches, bumps and ink splatter. The system detects most major surface-related defects on the read side of CDs and DVDs once they have been printed.

Disc Orientation System


Providing sleeves with oriented discs gives replicators a marketing advantage for innovative packaging solutions. The Xiris DO-1600 Disc Orientation System orients CD/DVDs based on their printed graphics to ensure that a disc is consistently oriented when inserted into a package, such as a sleeve or box.

Recommended for use in sleeving or packaging operations where orientation of the disc is required, the DO-1600 can meet machine speeds of up to 120 ppm. It is compatible with all major optical disc sleeving or packaging machine manufacturers’ handling equipment where orientation of the disc is important.