Special Applications

Xiris machine vision systems dramatically reduce production costs for manufacturers by:

  • Improving the quality of completed products
  • Reducing labor costs by automating inspection tasks
  • Reducing the cost of component wastage
Special Applications

Vision System Categories

Inspection: Inspection is a broad category of machine vision tasks that are designed to look for a variation from an expected or ideal set of features. Applications include inspecting completed assemblies to verify all components exist and verifying the features of the part for correctness in shape and style.

Measurement: Measurement tasks include the precise measurement of two or more features on a part, such as edge to edge, diameter or hole size. Counting features are also relevant.

Pattern Matching/Optical Character Recognition: Pattern Matching/OCR involves determining if a pattern or character set exists in an image. If it does, the system determines how well the pattern matches a perfect or "golden" model.

Machine Guidance: The ability to guide a robot or automatic machine to adapt the machine to varying production circumstances, such as locating targets on objects during assembly.

Special Applications